The Professional Dater

Most parents want their children to meet the perfect mate, get married and provide them with at least several grandchildren. There are always a few free spirited souls who feel this lifestyle is not for them. They become professional daters because they would rather avoid a lifetime commitment. Life, for them, is fun and full of adventures with a variety of people. They prefer to have few responsibilities and are able to run fast when commitment rears its ugly head. They are often the bane of their parents' existence.

The parents of these free spirits are many times at a loss to explain their child's behavior. It is often true that the parents have a loving and fulfilling marriage and are deeply committed to each other. Rather than delve too deeply into a child they do not understand, the parents will attempt to help their child in a more direct manner. This generally consists of providing marriageable dates for them. They will go to great lengths to find suitable companions for their child. If the child begins to avoid these arrangements, parents may go to draconian lengths to trap them into a date with the preferred candidate.

Part of the problem for these free spirits is the complication of a long term relationship. Many relationships fall by the wayside due to lack of excitement. Being with the same person all the time does not suit everyone. Fortunately, the market has provided an answer to this quandary for the less than committed. They can call an escort agency to provide them with an interesting companion on a short term basis. This allows them all the privileges of finding a real companion without suffering through the perils of commitment.

For those who wish to continue their unattached lifestyle, independent escorts might be their dream date. These escorts work on their own, without an agency, and book only customers they really like. Over time the two may even develop a habitual relationship. This does not mean there is any type of permanent commitment from either party. Finding an escort like this makes dating a permanent adventure, not a permanent relationship.